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School of Literature

31. B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature

The Principles of Literature; The Principles of Aesthetics; The ABC of Writing; An Introduction to Linguistics; Comparative Literature; Ancient Chinese; Modern Chinese; Ancient Chinese Literature; Modern Chinese Literature; Contemporary Chinese Literature; World Literature; Audio-visual Language; Broadcast Stylistics; Literary Works by Renowned Writers; Theories of Literature and Arts of China and the West; Appreciation of Literary Masterpieces of Ancient and Modern China; Film and TV Works Review; the Theory and Application of Spoken and Written Language


32. B.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Modern Chinese; Ancient Chinese; An Introduction to Linguistics;  Ancient Chinese Literature ; Contemporary Chinese Literature ; Comparative Literature; World Literature; Essential English; Translation between English and Chinese; Introduction to Chinese Culture; Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language; Second Language Teaching; Cultures & the Etiquette for the West; Cross-cultural Communication; Comparative Studies of the Languages of English and Chinese; Sinology in different Countries etc.


33. B.A. in Dramatic Literature for Film & TV

Ancient Chinese Literature; Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature; Brief History of Chinese Film; Brief History of World Films; History of Chinese Operas and Dramas; History of World  Dramas; Introduction to Drama; The Principles of Literature; Basics of Aesthetics; Audio-visual Language; Commentary on Film and TV Works; Commentary on Classic Dramas; Basics of Acting and Directing; TV Camera Recording Art; Production of TV Programme; Gathering; Editing and Creating of TV Programme of Entertainment; Basics of Writing; The Principles and Technology of Screenwriting; Playwriting and Screenwriting; Radio Play Production; etc.


School of Music

34. B.A. in Music Performance

Solfeggio; Music Theory; History of Chinese Music and Appreciation of Musical Works; History of Western Music and Appreciation of Musical Works; Harmony; Figure Training; Introduction to Art; Singing/instrument performing; Basics of Stage Performing; Music Form and Analysis of Music Works; Technique of Song-writing; Music Production and Promotion; Camera Recording Technique for Singing/instrument performing; Basics of Film & TV Music


35. B.A. in Dance Choreography (Musical play)

Ballet Grounding; Grounding in Chinese Classical Dance; Grounding in Contemporary Dance; Analysis of Dance Creation; History of Dancing; Dance Foundation; National Folk Dance of China; Choreography Skills; Choreographing of Chinese Dance; Choreographing of Modern Dance; Basic Training of Chinese Classical Dance.


36. B.A. in Recording Arts (Music Editing)

Introduction to Recording Arts; Music Theory; Aural Training; Solfeggio; Appreciation of Recording Works; TV & Film music sound; Performance Practice of Electronic Instrumental; Analysis of Musical Form and Works; Audio Control Technology; Musical Communications; Digital Audio Production; Computer Music Production; Music Editing; Music Promotion and Industry Management; Music Design; Music Recording.





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