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About CUZ - Our University

Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ) is a high-level media university with distinctive industry characteristics, co-funded by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and the National Radio and Television Administration. On September 8, 2004, President Xi Jinping, the then Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, inspected the University and proposed the earnest hope of "keeping up with the times and highlighting the characteristics". 

      The University was developed from its former schools - Zhejiang Radio and Television College which was founded in 1978, and Zhejiang Radio and Television Specialised College which was founded in 1984. In 2000, the two colleges were merged to form Zhejiang Radio and Television Institute. In 2004, it was upgraded to Zhejiang University of Media and CommunicationsAnd later on, the University was renamed - Communication University of Zhejiang - its new current name. 

      The University has two campuses, one in Hangzhou Qiantang District, and one in Wuzhen Tongxiang, covering an area of 87 hectares with a total construction area of 642,000 square metres. It has 16 colleges, schools and other departments and study and research centres, with more than 13,700 undergraduate students, 740 graduate students, more than 200 international students, and about 1,400 faculty and staff. 

      The University covers art, literature, engineering, education, management, economics and other six disciplines, drama and film and television, journalism and communication, information and communication engineering, public management four provincial first-class disciplines, journalism and communication master, master of art, Chinese international education master with three professional degree authorization, 35 undergraduate majors, including 18 arts majors. Radio and television, digital media technology, radio and television director, film and television photography and production, editing, cultural industry management, broadcasting and hosting art, animation, photography, communication, radio and television engineering, network engineering, drama, film and television literature, with 13 majors being listed for national first-class professional construction points, 10 network and new media, drama, film and television art design, music performance, recording art, digital media art majors for the provincial first-class professional construction points.

      The University has 2 national teaching platforms, 11 provincial teaching platforms and 4 provincial teaching teams. In nearly five years it has won 9 provincial teaching achievements, undertaken 1 project of the Ministry of Education new engineering research and practice, 1 project of the Ministry of Education new liberal arts research and reform practice, 41 provincial education teaching reform projects, 31 provincial education teaching projects, published 4 national planning materials, 41 provincial teaching materials, obtained 12 national first-class courses, and 177 provincial first-class courses. It has more than 420 industry-university-research practice teaching bases, including 1 national off-campus practice education base for college students, 10 provincial off-campus practice education bases for college students and 5 overseas practice bases.

      The University has one distinguished professor of "Changjiang Scholars" of the Ministry of Education, one leading talent of the National "Ten Thousand Talents Plan", one national candidate for the "New Century One Million Talents Project", National radio and television and Internet audiovisual industry talents, 2 people from the "New Century Outstanding Talents" of the Ministry of Education, Cultural masters of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and "four groups" talents. The Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee has promoted 1 ideological and cultural young talents, one national Excellent teacher, 4 experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, one special professor of "Qianjiang Scholar" in provincial universities, 2 young top talents of provincial Key Talent Project, Provincial "151 Talent Project" to train 32 talents at all levels, 8 "five batch" and "four batch" talents for the Provincial publicity and cultural system, 3 provincial excellent teachers, 5 provincial university teaching teachers, 22 talents selected by the provincial University Leading Talents Training Program, 11 young and middle-aged academic leaders in provincial universities, and more than 50 high-end talents in the media and broadcast industry.

      The University has 9 provincial and ministerial science and innovation platforms. In recent five years, it has been approved more than 100 national scientific research and creation projects, including 9 key major projects, presided over more than 300 provincial and ministerial scientific research and creation projects, and its total amount of scientific research funds, high-level papers, high-end think tank achievements, social services and cooperation has achieved leap-forward improvement.

      The University has won the Ministry of Education of humanities and social science outstanding achievement, provincial science and technology progress prize, philosophy and social science outstanding achievement, provincial "five one project" award, Berlin film festival silver bear, golden rooster, Chinese TV flying award, China international television festival magnolia award, German red dot design supreme prize, MAO dun new literature and other prizes and awards - more than 60 items.

      The University has carried out exchanges and cooperation with more than 120 universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and other countries and China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The school is the European Union "Erasmus" project unit, with the university of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand, Coventry University and Bolton University holding the Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools projects, with the United States State University of New York, Stony Brook, the University of Missouri and the University of new South Wales and universities cooperation to carry out multi-level joint training programs.

      The University is the Ministry of Education international cultural exchanges and media personnel training base, the Ministry of Education national and regional research center, the Ministry of Education of Hong Kong and Macao and mainland colleges and universities teachers and students exchange plan project unit, national study fund innovative talents international cooperation training project implementation unit, the Ministry of Education of Chinese and foreign high level university students exchange plan project unit, province to Taiwan exchange base, provincial international students national education teacher studio construction unit.

      The career development and talent training quality of graduates rank among the forefront of universities in the province. The average graduation rate of graduates is more than 95%, and the entrepreneurship rate one year after graduation is more than 5%, ranking first among the undergraduate universities in the province.

       In 2018, the School of Entrepreneurship was awarded the "Zhejiang Provincial University Demonstration Entrepreneurship College", in 2019, the Media Culture and Creative Industry Park was awarded the "Zhejiang Science and Technology Business Incubator", and in 2020, the University was awarded the provincial "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Demonstration Base. Many graduates have become the backbone elites in the fields of press and publication, film and television industry, and cultural industry, and nearly 100 people have won the highest awards in the Yangtze River Taofen Award and the Golden Microphone Award.

       The total value of the school's teaching instruments and equipment is about 377 million yuan. It has built the first 5G + 4K e-sports comprehensive laboratory in domestic universities, the intelligent repair laboratory for historical video and audio data, 1 national experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 laboratory of National Radio and Television Administration, 1 provincial key laboratory, 10 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 1 provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center. The University library has a total collection of 1.834 million paper books, 1.733 million electronic books, 1.36 million electronic journals, 9.59 million dissertations, and 103,000 hours of audio and video.

  The University always bears President Xis entrust in mindadhering to the "dedicated, knowledgeable, truth-seeking, innovation" the school’s motto, based in Zhejiang province, facing the whole country, close to the media, serving social purpose, striving to become an excellent school, a famous town of media and broadcast, art business card, and making efforts to build the school into a domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-level media and communication university with features. (Updated in October 2023)






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