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About CUZ - Our University

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About CUZ - Our University


CUZ - COMMUNICATION UNIVERSITY OF ZHEJIANG is an internationally renowned, highly professional Chinese institution of higher education in China in the field of media and broadcast industries. The University was founded 42 years ago when China first began her epoch marking opening and reforms. 

CUZ consists of 16 self-governing schools, colleges, institutions and other functional departments at its two campuses in Hangzhou Xiasha and Tongxiang: The School of Broadcast Announcing and Presenting Arts, The School of TV Arts, The School of Animation, The School of International Communications & Education, The School of Huace Film Academy, The School of Media Engineering, The School of Art Design, The School of Cultural Creativity & Management, The School of Literature, School of Journalism and Communications, The School of Music, The College of Marxism, The Department of College Physical Education, The Department of Public Art Education, The School of Further Education, and the School of Entrepreneurship. Currently there are more than 14000 full-time enrolled undergraduate students and postgraduate students studying at the University. About 1400 teaching staff, including 147 professors, 282 associate professors and more than 30 foreign experts and teachers are currently employed to serve the University.

The University has 2 national-level teaching platforms, 11 provincial-level teaching platforms and 4 provincial-level teaching teams. In the past five years, it has won 4 provincial teaching achievement awards, undertaken 59 provincial education and teaching reform projects, published 4 national planning textbooks and 14 provincial textbooks, and conducted over 9 provincial quality online courses. It has built more than 360 production, teaching and research practice teaching bases, including one national off-campus practice education base for college students, five provincial off-campus practice education bases for college students and five overseas practice bases. The University has 5 provincial science and technology innovation platforms and 3 provincial science and technology innovation teams. 74 national level scientific research projects have been approved successively by the government, including 4 major projects. It has won more than 40 awards for national outstanding teacher, national micro-class competitions, provincial outstanding teacher, provincial teaching skills competitions and other honors.

With strong teaching and research teams, first class facilities and a student friendly atmosphere CUZ has won good reputation in the industries for its outstanding quality and an employment rate of over 95 percent. Many alumni have become prominent media and broadcast professionals and industrial leaders.

CUZ has its working partners in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and other areas and countries. So far, over 80 universities and institutions of higher education have established cooperation with CUZ in student and teacher exchange projects. Every year some 300 CUZ exchange students are sent to our partners schools including Columbia University, The London School of Economics and Political Science, UCLA, The University of New South Wales Australia. There are 245 international students studying in the University at the moment. In 2015, the bachelor degrees project in Fashion and Accessories Design with Coventry University officially began enrollment. In the same year, the first provincial international and key construction program Broadcasting and Art (Bilingual), recruited the first batch of international students. In September 2017, the CUZ-Bolton jointly-ventured Master Degree Project in Visual Media had its first cohort of students. And 2019, CUZ and State University of New York at Stony Brook jointly carried out the "Technological Systems Management focusing on Global Technology Management (big data direction) Dual Master Training Project”.

The University is well-equipped with advanced teaching and experimental facilities that guarantee its students a professional efficient, and people-friendly learning environment. The total value of educational instruments and facilities has reached 422 million RMB. The school was approved the right to set the media research laboratory by the National Radio & Television Administration. At a national and provincial level, 11 experimental teaching model centres, more than 50 laboratories including one for Announcing & Presenting with broadcast directing practice and one for Special Digital Effects are set up and in use. The Library of the University, with a collection of more than 1.6 million books and publications on various subjects, 1.5 million e-books and about 4000 hours of audio-visual items, has become a regional resource centre for radio and television study and research.






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