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Our History

CUZ has a long and inspiring history. From humble beginnings, we have developed a reputation as one of China’s two leading universities in cultivating broadcast professionals.

CUZ began life as the ‘radio school’ when it was founded at a public meeting in Hangzhou on June 14th 1978 by a group of pioneering radio announcers and presenters.

1978 - 2000 Period of Secondary Specialised School

In 1978, the Zhejiang Radio & TV School was founded. The school was located in a mountain village, called "Wan-shi", some 80 km away from Hangzhou City. The school was set up to meet the need of high quality broadcast professionals.

The year of 1978 marked the end of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the initiation of the reform of opening policies of China. It was a very special time for China and Chinese people when the country faced changes, challenges, difficulties and lack of almost everything. Like most of Chinese schools & universities, we also went through the same difficulties and ups and downs during this period of time. We were then a secondary specialised school.

In 1982, we moved from Wanshi Village to East Zhoushan Road of Hangzhou City.

1984 - 2000 Founding of Higher Specialised Institution

In the ten years of 1984 to 1994 we did very well. We cultivated groups of high quality broadcasters for the radio and TV industry of Zhejiang province. And then, in 1994, with the approval of the then China State Department of Radio, Film & Television, we were officially upgraded to a higher specialised institute and our shcool's name changed into Zhejiang Radio & TV Higher Specialised School. 

1994 witnessed the greatest change of our school, and this change brought us some significant developments in teaching and concept to forward our school. Through our efforts we became well known in China for our featured broadcast training courses. People started to know us as "zhe-guang", and we became part of the famous quotation (in China's broadcast education world) of "In the north, there's Beiguang (the then Beijing Broadcast Institute, now CUC), in the south there's Zheguang (which was us)".

2000 - 2004

By the year of 2000, we were under the co-administration and manangement of China State Administration of Radio, Film & Television and Zhejiang People's Government. This meant that both the central and provincial governments paid much attention to the development of our school. We expanded and enlarged the scale of our school in increasing the number of teaching staff, majors and students, upgrading teaching equipment, teaching syllabus, courses and teaching quality. We made ourselves ready to move onto a new style of comprehensive higher specialised institute for nurturing media and broadcast professionals.

January 2003, China's Ministry of Education officially approved the plan to make preparations for the establishment of Communication University of Zhejiang on what we had achieved.

2004 - Present

A formal document from the Ministry of Education was issued in May 2004 to establish Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ, the former ZUMC). Our new campuses were granted to locate one in the Higher Education Zone, Xiasha, Hangzhou Economic & Techonological Development Area, covering a total area of 52 hectares with a floor space of 450,000 square metres, and another one in Tongxiang covering over 33 hectares with a floor space of 160,000 square metres.


With our unremitting efforts, since 2004, we have grown up to a comprehensive professional media & broadcast university with some 10,000 full-time students studying in over 50 programs at the 14 Colleges and Schools of CUZ.


We have done very well in almost every aspect as a state-owned university. For a detailed introduction to what we are and how we are doing at the moment please go to our ABOUT CUZ section of this website.

This is where we started - Wanshi Village in 1978



The school opening-ceremony in 1978





The old teaching building in our early days










Pictures of our old school construction site 2000




Cornerstone-laying ceremoney of our new school site




Our new campus in Xiasha Hangzhou 2004







Our Tongxiang campus 2009







A snapshot of one of our 19 Student Residence Halls









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