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Academy of Film

17. B.A. in Performing

Performing (Elements Training; Communicating Sketch; Novel Adaptation; Fragment of Chinese and Foreign Dramas; One-act play and Full-scale Drama); Lines (Basic Phonetics; Drama Language); Body Form and Structure Physique (Basic Skills/ Techniques);VocalityPerformance Theory; Introduction to Art; Introduction to Drama; Variety Show Hosting.


18. B.A in Photography and Production of Film and TV Arts

Audio-visual Language; Basic Theory of Directing; Film Script Writing; Performing; Film editing; Film Shooting; Special Effects of Film; Film Recording; Fine Art of Film; Film Lighting; Production of Micro Film; Production of Documentary; Theory of Modern Film; Management of Film Produce


19. B.A in Director of Film & TV Program

Audio-visual Language; Analysis on Film and TV Program; Film History; Film Directing; Film Script Writing; Performing; Film Shooting; Editing; Studies on Masters of Film Directors; Studies on Episode; Documentary Study


School of Television Arts

20. B.A. in Radio & TV Editing and Directing

Introduction to Arts; Audio-visual Language; Production of TV Programmes; TV Programme Planning; TV Program Editing; Production of TV Features; Radio & TV Editing and Directing; Music Editing; The Basics of Photography and Camera Recording; The Basics of TV Directing; Broadcast Programme Hosting; etc.


21. B.A. in Bachelor of Photographing majoring in Lighting Art

Lighting Technique; Lighting and Design in Studio; Lighting in Film and Television; Lighting Design; Stage Lightening Design; Illuminant Modeling for Film and TV; Film and Television; Direction of Lighting in Film and Television; Fundamental Optics; Basic Arts; Aesthetic Psychology; Audio-Visual Language; Fundamentals of Electronic Engineering; Principles and Operation of CCD camera; Skills and Techniques for Photography.


22. B.A. in Recording Art

Introduction to Art; Audio-visual Language; Production Technology of TV Programmes; Basics of Audio-visual Electricity; Music Theory; Solfeggio; Harmony; Recording Technology; Audio Recording; Digital Audio Technology and Application; Camera Recording Technology; Radio Play Recording; Stereo Programme Production; Basics of Acoustics; Frame Editing; Analysis of Recorded Works; Production of Music on Computer; Music and Sound for Audio-visual Production; Film and TV Fine Art; Professional Production; Film & TV Directing


School of Management

23. B.A. in Cultural Business Management

Public Relations; Law of Intellectual Property Rights; Cultural Administration and Policy Studies; Cultural Management; Management Information System; Introduction to Cultural Industry Studies; Introduction to Media Management; Advertising Planning and Creativity; The Creative Industries-Case Analyses; Cultural Market Investigation; Cultural Creativity and Planning; Studies of Cultural Consumer Behaviour; Cultural Studies; International Cultural Trade; Media Strategic Management; Media Capital Operation; Media Assessment and Investigation; Press Operation and Management; Radio & TV Operation and Management; Media Operation and Management: Case Studies; Organization and Planning of Major Activities; Exposition Booth Design; Introduction to Conferences and Expositions; Expo-tourism; Art Handicrafts; Pragmatic Conference and Exposition Management


24. B.A in Expo Economy and Management

Exhibition Design and Art; Ads Planning and Creativity; Organization and Planning of Exhibitions; Case study on Exhibitions; Event Management and Practice; Exhibitors Practice; Art Management; Marketing; Practice of International Trade; Introduction to Media Management; Business Negotiation;  A Theory of ERP and Application; Management of Customers Relationship


School of Art Design

25. B.A. in Art Design

Study of Sketching; Chromatics; Graphics; Composition; Basic Techniques in Art Design; CAD; Commercial Design; Packing Design; Book and Magazine Design and Binding; Logo Design; Graphic Design; UI Interface Design; Creation and Presentation Design; Enterprise Image Design; Arts Design Theories.


26. B.A. in Photography

Basics of Art; Aural-visual Language; Photography Technology and Techniques; Appreciation of Classic Photography Works; Photography Composition; Portrait Photography; Large Format Photography; Lighting Technology; Commercial Photography; Documentary Photography; Building Photography; Image Editing.


27. B.A. in Theatre; Film and TV Art Design

Study of Sketching; Chromatics; Sketch Techniques; Composition Design; Art History; Selection of World Classic Literary Works; Film and TV Editing; Basic Skills of Directing; Appreciation of Selected Works; Computer 2D Design; Computer 3D Design; Introduction to Theater; World Architectural History; CAD; Film and TV Lighting Design; Basic Photography; Costume Design; Makeup Design; Basics of Stage Design; Theater; Film and TV Charting; Scenery and Props Design; Studio Design; Film and TV Artistic Design; Creation and Presentation of Filmic Arts; Creation and Presentation of Stage Design; Basics of Chinese Painting; Interior Design.


School of Cultural Creativity

28. B.A. in Media Creativity

Creative Thinking; Creative Graphic Design; Introduction to Communications; Interpersonal Communication; Brand Research; Consumer Psychology; Introduction to Mass Culture; Case Study of Creative Media; Case Study of Classic Magazine; Planning and Writing; Marketing.


29. B.A. in Public Relations

Public Relations; Introduction to Advertising; Public Economics; English Communication in PR; Public Psychology; Writing of Communal Relationship; Corporate Culture; Phonology and Vocalism of Mandarin; Oral Improvisation; Arts of PR Language; Planning PR Events; Negotiation Tactics; Etiquette for Public Relations; Organizational Behavior; Public Relation Business; Marketing; Crisis Management; Surveys and Investigations.


30. B.A. in Advertising

Introduction to Advertising; Introduction to Communications; Ethics and Laws in Communication; Marketing; New Media Advertising; Media Evaluation and Analysis; Advertisement Writing; Advertising Planning and Innovation; History of Advertisement of China and Foreign Countries; Brand Management; Public Relations; Introduction of Media Management; Basis of Software for Advertising Design; The Management of Advertisement Company; Advertising Photographing.

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