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Welcome to CUZ and thank you for visiting our website





Thre are quite a few good reasons why you choose us.



Firstly, we are one of the two government accredited universities in China's broadcast industry.




In China, there are thousands of state-owned and private schools 

that are offering Chinese language learning courses. But, did you 

know that there are only two leading universities that are 

government accredited to train people to speak standard spoken 

Chinese at broadcast level? ZUMC is one of these two universities.


Top class Chinese Language Education Centre/Accreditation of Training Chinese Putonghua


Perhaps you are just in the middle of choosing a professional school that can help you make your dream of being able to speak Chinese like Chinese come true. You have found the right school! Here at CUZ, apart from a specialised body to nurture broadcast professionals, we are also a higher institution commissioned and accredited by China State Language & Culture Committee for the training of Standard Spoken Chinese, i.e. Pu-tong-hua and the Chinese language. CUZ has been an important hub in China that is well-known for training Chinese announcers, broadcasters, teachers, actors, performers and other people who need to speak Putonghua.


Pu-tong-hua (Pǔ-tōng-huà), the official language of the People's Republic of China; the common national speech of Han Chinese using Beijing pronunciation as the standard pronunciation, using Beijing speech as the basic dialect, and using the model writing of the modern vernacular prose as the norm of grammar, is called Putonghua. Putonghua (Chinese name of an old-fashioned name which had been known to the West, Mandarin) is the legislated spoken form of the Chinese language in mainland China and is the generally understood Chinese accent. Broadcasters, teachers, voice artists and narrators, tour guides, legal professionals (solicitors, barristers and judges) and other people engaged in public services are all required to speak Putonghua at work. The pronunciation of Putonghua is the choice for non-Chinese speakers when they learn to speak Chinese. At the moment in mainland China, about 70% of the overall population (1.3 billion people),i.e. about 900 million people in the country, are Putonghua speakers, others can unedrstand Putonghua although they do not speak it. Outside China, the number of Putonghua speakers is not easy to etimate. Because of the raising profile of economy of China, and China Confucius Institute's promotion of the Chinese language, the demand of learning Putonghua worldwide has greatly increased over the past decade.


We are equipped with most advanced teaching facilities


CUZ is well-equipped with advanced teaching and experimental facilities that guarantee our students a professional, efficient, and people-friendly learning environment. The total value of educational instruments and facilities has reached 180 million RMB. The 22-storey multi-functional Media Tower that houses 17 broadcasting studios of various sizes has been a production base for broadcasting radio and television programmes, teaching/research activities and social services.


Flexible - specially designed programmes of study


Visiting our website shows your interest in our University and thinking to take a course with us. At CUZ we offer a variety of programmes specially and flexibly designed and arranged for our international students covering a wide range of subjects at different levels. Just take look at our Degree Programmes and Non-depgree Programmes.  


Superb Location


In choosing a school, especially a foreign school, its location is surely one of the factors you need to consider. China is such a large country that geographically every city can be differently developed. It may or may not suit foreign students for their study and life in the country. The administrative campus of CUZ is perfectly and proudly located in Hangzhou, a major centre of media and culture of China. Hangzhou is in the south of China. Hangzhou has been known as "the paradise on earth" for many hundreds of years. And for many years Hangzhou has been ranked as one of the most livable and most visited cities in China for its living conditions, its beautiful and scenic West Lake, sites of ancient towns and other popular major tourist attractions around the city. Another sparkling point is its distance to Shanghai, only within an hour from Hangzhou to get to the world famous city by High Speed train.







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