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Quantitative Observations,Focus Review and Qualitative Analysis of Chinese Media Geography Research

By Zhang JianKang│Apr,28,2015

Based on the databases of CNKI,this paper use quantitative observations on chinese media geography research,and focus review,including basic theoretical research,applied research,geographic landscape in media,city media in city culture,media spectacles in international cultural conflict.On this basis, This paper further analyses by qualitative, discusses birth signal, perfectist and ZheJiang University school of chinese media geography. The propose of this project is to represent the profile of chinese media geography research and to help do further research.

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The Relationship between Privacy Concern and its Interacting Backgrounds in the Network Community

By Jiang Genyuan│Apr,28,2015

The previous research about internet privacy concern in network community concern more on its behavior intention. This research focuses on the relationship between Internet privacy concern and its background, which include netizen’s life script, social structure and network behavior. Research results show that: the Internet users are reluctant to disclose personal information, especially for the name, work unit, telephone and other information being less than 10%; In terms of occupation, internet users being high school or college students, business people and professional technical personnel are more open than enterprises leaders or its service personnel; To the social status, the netizen at the bottom of society like to open their personal name than others with higher status; To the network community types, members who are more familiar with more like to open their personal names; In addition to real name, the gender difference has big effect on the openness of other personal information. Men have stronger exposing behavior intention than women in the “occupation”, “work unit” and “communicating style”. They are less than women in other categories of information. These conclusions can be explained by the interaction safety thought on the netizen’s interaction with the Internet’s background.

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On the Level of Mediated Society

By Hong Changhui│Apr,28,2015

With the advent of mediated society, We must focus on this questions such as the process go on what path. The paper tries to discuss the phenomenon of mediated society,not only hold on impetus of media,but also paid attention to personal,community and station,so that understand characteristics and logic about mediated society.

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Speaking Cautiously: The Theory of Language Communication of Confucianism

By Chen Xuejun│Apr,28,2015

“Speaking cautiously” is the corn value of the theory of language communication of Confucian which is based on the language philosophy of “being perfectly justifiable”. “Being cautious in speech while agile in action” and “speaking and acting cautiously” embody the concentrated reflection of Confucianism about language communication and demonstrate Confucius’s life experiences with many vicissitudes. Even more, they are the heartfelt words of Confucius to world. The idea of “speaking cautiously” of Confucius has exerted profound influence on the language communication theories of ancient China, and it still continues to have its effect on the manners of people in communication.“Speaking cautiously” and “writing honestly” have already been the collective language consciousness of Chinese people.

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The Definition of New Media and We Media and the Analysis of Their Relationships

By Wu Chao│Apr,29,2015

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New Thinking of Media Effects: An Exploration Based on the Age of Big Data

By Cao Ruiqing│Apr,28,2015

As a key part of communication research, traditional effcts research fades gradually. Can the mind change in the age of big data bring new vigor for effects research? Through the examination of the characteristics of big data and the empirical analysis on it, this paper considers that media effects research may change its methods, logic, purpose and focus. At the same time, media effects research in the new environment also needs to be proposed several circumvent logic. It can prevent researchers from falling into the trap of data and lead them return to the reflection of human nature.

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