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Media•Enterprise•Publicity ——Deep Discussion on New Express Event

By Gao Shukai & Bai Hongtan│Apr,28,2015

Abstract:In the historical process of media’s evolution , the relationship between the media and the enterprises has changed several times, there are two directions, one is peaceful relation under the capital collusion, another one is tension relation under the change of old and new media, they are not the normal relations between media and enterprises, for this could constraint ever weaken the implementation of media publicity. On the market at present, the relationship is facing much pressure as the media power rent-seeking, enterprises malicious use and media-business collusion. Therefore, we propose our basic principles to establish a ideal relationship between media and enterprises: media be vigilant with negative externalities, enterprises be tolerate to media supervision, controversial return to the facts, cooperation abide by the responsibility.

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Media and Individualization on Compound Modernity

By Hong Changhui│Apr,28,2015

Modernity process was not only seen as discussing object,but also acted as social goals that covered a wide range of field. Because of the particularity of political,economic and environmental, modernity in China became compound. The media play an important role,and mixed up with modernity process.

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The Social Publicity Reestablishment of the TV Intellectuals

By Gu Yangli│Apr,28,2015

The market development and technology popularization of mass media led to the function transition of media in the public. As a result, the overall image of Chinese media public intellectuals gradually replaced by a kind of alienated media image. Among them, the TV intellectuals are one of the main groups of criticism in recent years. They rare have the usually independent voices and universal feelings on public issues because of the "conspiracy" relationship they formed with TV media. Combined with China's current media system and policy, the TV talk show has already started some beneficial attempts by its own unique advantages. By studying the program The Bang-bang Trio which broadcasted more than ten years by phoenix satellite TV, this paper aims to explore how to reestablish the publicity of TV intellectuals from the perspective of themselves and the media.

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Social Imagination around the Mass Media and Multiplex Community ——The Analysis of Taylor’s Multiplex Public Sphere

By Wang Shuhua│Apr,28,2015

Charles Taylor thought, there would be a public space which could break the limits of time and space under the influence of the mass media. The publics can participated in the dialogue and deliberation, and formed the common opinion. Because of individual variation and group variation, Social imagination and the community reflected the characteristics of multiplication, then multiplex public sphere came into being. This public sphere recognized political equality and the diversity about politics and culture. Public opinion would form through dialogue and deliberation freely, and this was a feasible and favorable road to reach democracy.

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Research on Individual Influence of the Digitization Evolution of Reading Behavior

By Li Xinxiang│Apr,28,2015

The digitization evolution of reading behavior has profound impact on knowledge learning, cultural exchange, information acquisition, thinking mode and human civilization. As far as individual readers concerned, the evolution of reading behavior has its positive impacts, making reading much more freely, and therefore the readers have more freedom to enjoy their life. Negative impacts can be summarized as adverse effects caused by the digital reading hardware defects, weakened reading patience and the lack of depth of thought.

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Mobile Phone Reading Features,Defects and Strategies of Contemporary UndergraduateS

By Liu Chang│Apr,29,2015

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