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Summary and Prospect on the Studies of Chinese Media Theories

By Zhang Jiankang│Sep,1,2014

Based on CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure),the paper divides the Studies of Chinese Media Theories into three periods: gestation period,growth period and maturity period, reviews its focal points and highlights, and attempts to analyze how it has developed. The purpose of the study is to offer some valuable enlightenments and experiences for the next Chinese Media Theories Studies.

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The Power of Desire:Convergence News Production and Humanism

By Shao Peng│Sep,1,2014

Humanism, which shows at each phase of media development and innovation, has an ingrained driving and driven force with media, especially during the process of change of media convergence and news production. Human perception of information resources and interpersonal communication, along with news production, interaction and communication value, can be realized through our interaction with media. Meanwhile, the role and function of convergence media has been gradually changing. On the one hand humanism has brought an obvious perspective to media intermediaries and their platforms, while on the other hand extremism over humanism could impact, distort and even damage the traditional role of media.

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Crises of the Journalism and Insistence of News Values:Reading Notes for the Ten Elements of Journalism

By Wang Zheping & Gao Shan│Sep,1,2014

The Elements of Journalism can be deemed as a free and responsible press of the time. It's not only attributed to the coherence of spirits in handling problems described in the two books but also the far-reaching influences they exert on their respective time period. Through careful reading of The Elements of Journalism, this paper indicates that there are three crises facing the American journalism - the crisis of news values, the crisis of media economy and the crisis of theoretical interpretation. Maintaining the public integrity of news, abiding by the transparency principle of news and enhancing the service awareness of news against the new media background is stressed in this paper for their great significance in holding fast to news values.

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Micro-blog Literature in the Vision of Communications

By FangYingyan & Fan Kui│Sep,1,2014

Micro-blog literature is the offspring of the marriage of modern media technology and literature. It is a new kind of lots of network literature by right of new technology of multi-tenant spread, unique narrative forms and rapid propagation. The vision of communication, the attention of the new media literature attribute and the disinterment of qualities in the text, literature communication, acceptance model are the indispensable link of the study of this literature.Keywords: micro-blog literature, new media, virus-like communication, multi-text

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The Structural Features of New Public Opinion Field: Taking Socialised Media as Example

By Ma Yanyan│Sep,1,2014

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On Public Signs and its Translation Strategy from the Perspective of Communication Studies

By Guo Xiaochun│Sep,1,2014

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