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The First Micro-blogging War: A Multimodal Comparative Analysis of ISAF and Taliban War Propaganda

By Gan Weihao│Sep,1,2014

On September 14, 2011, ISAF fired the first shot at Taliban in micro-blogging which means the war propaganda of human history enters a new phase. Based on Multi-modal discourse analysis framework, the paper probes micro-blogging war between the ISAF and the Taliban, and reveals the interactive relationship between the frame of symbols and the clash of civilizations, the change of circumstances from language, images, sounds symbol in both static and dynamic aspects.

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The Social Computing Studying on the Public Opinion Becoming Mode of Sina Micro-blog of Yongwen Line Train Rear-end Accident

By Deng Xiujun & Liu Jing│Sep,1,2014

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Review on the New Audio-visual Media Convergence

By Zhang Renhan & Shi Yuantao│Sep,1,2014

With the help of high-speed development and continuous innovation of Internet technology, digital technology and communication technology, audio-visual new media and a new tendency of the industry of news media, has been developed rapidly in recent years and kept an eye on by academic circle. Especially since the implementation of the "triple play" pilot in 2010, research on audio-visual media has had a new progress. Such things as quantities of concerning point of view, the course of development of new audio-visual media, its definition, development status, problems and coping strategies, social impact and future trends , regulation and supervision and so on have become important issues researchers are concerned with. By combing and analyzing recent literatures on the related research of new audio-visual media, this paper points out the strong and weak points in the current researches and puts forward some suggestions on the follow-up studies of new audio-visual media for reference.

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The Impact of Online Bookstore on Sale of Academic Books under the Circumstance of New Media

By Shi Yinan│Sep,1,2014

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Features on How to Normalize the Role of Media during the Transformational Period of China

By Liu Jingsong│Sep,1,2014

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The Innovation of Contemporary Media and Communication and Change of Media Commonality

By Xu Xin & Li Xiating│Sep,1,2014

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