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New Media and Youth Cultural Expression and Cultural Power

By Ma Zhonghong, Chen Lin & Zeng Yiguo│Sep,1,2014

Nowadays, new media technology advance by leaps and bounds Young people picking up new media and new technology edge tool have their own daily cultural behavior, firmly wedge public cultural space, and resist social dominant culture. Youth subculture landscape emerges endlessly into our field of vision, and put forward many new issues. New media of not only contribute to the free expression of the youth culture, but also construct a new power relation. This paper will discuss this by dialogue form.

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The Spectacle of Hyper-Text and Symbolic Games:the Media Text Research of Youth Kuso Culture on New Media

By Zeng Yiguo & Li Li│Sep,1,2014

In today's new media space, various youth kudos subculture are very active, by increasingly advanced new media technologies these kudos culture by means of intertextuality, collage, parody, irony and other means to resist mainstream culture, creating the meaning space owned by themselves; but on the other hand, nowadays developed media and the overabundant spread of kudos also makes a lot of kudos cultures transform into a kind of the wonders of hypertext  and symbolic games, not only lost the spirit of resistance , even become a discourse violence.

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Heterotopia: the Interaction and Communication of Otaku

By Yi Qianliang│Sep,1,2014

The interaction and communication of fandom of ACG mainly take place in two types: off-line and on-line. The former one is usually in form of university communities, while the later one is featured as exiting in the online virtual world, in which the spirit of Otaku subculture gets a further highlight. By interacting and communicating, the Otaku group establishes a shared social space, which differs from reality while shaped by reality such as cultural practice and social practice. Taken in this sense, their social space is virtually a real "heterotopias", where also follows the same logic, that is, social status is gained through the owning and exchanging of capital.

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Subculture Reproduction and Discourse Power of Media

By Yang PeiFan│Sep,1,2014

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Waving as Tide: On the Dynamic Communication Mechanism of Public Opinion in the Jinhua Dog Meat Festival

By Liao Weimin│Sep,1,2014

It is notable that the online public launched a campaign resisted Jinhua "Dog Meat" Festival in early September 2011. Under the theoretical framework of “public opinion wave”, based on the text analysis of online Forum posts and the social network analysis of typical micro-blogs and their communication routes, this paper indicates that this event is the outbreak of online public opinion which is related to the rapid development of animal protection organization as well as its thoughts, hence the energy of the public event is originated from the social changes no matter in fashion or ideology. It accumulates for long time, and will keep sending persistent pressure on public sphere. This type of public opinion launches as a tide periodically and continuously, will demonstrate that its “wave” would never been terminated or faded, it will be transferred in the new field in the future.

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Construction and Deconstruction of On-line Repellence Identity

By Zhao Mengyang│Sep,1,2014

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