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On the Harmonious Communication Theory of Confucianism

By Chen Xuejun│Jun,13,2014

“Harmony” as one of the core concepts of traditional Chinese culture, embodying the inner spirit and the salient feature of traditional Chinese culture, becomes the ultimate goal of dissemination and communication. The harmonious communication theory of Confucianism focuses on people's inner harmony, interpersonal harmony, the harmony between human and society as well as the harmony between human and nature. The Chinese communication theory also puts forward a range of communication concepts of harmony, thus has made a significant contribution to international communication theory.

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An Ethnography Study on Journalistic Professionalism of Beijing News

By Zhan Ning│Jun,14,2014

This article starts with interviewing high-level editors in the editorial department of Beijing News about how they understand journalistic professionalism. We inspect the practice of journalistic professional discourse of Beijing News using three survey methods, including field observation, in-depth interviewing and reading related materials. Through revealing a unique and completed professionalism method trained by this metropolitan newspaper in a special geographical field, we try to confirm that the truth of discourse of journalistic professionalism has gone through the early days of Chinese Journalism Reform, when it is shown by a fragmented and localized form, has started to show great vitality and is bound to get greater social space with the progress of Chinese society.

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The Vague Vision of He: Image of Minorities in Non-Minority Areas. The Analysis of Minority Reports on Beijing Daily(1979-2010)

By Zhang Yuan│Jun,14,2014

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An Analysis and Evaluation on the Present Research of China's Media Convergence(2006-2011): A Literatwre Merthlogy and Content Analysis Based Perspective

By Zhou Yan & Tang Jianmin│Jun,14,2014

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On the Characteristic and Influence of American Muckraking Movement

By Wang Yong & Zhang Yaqing│Jun,14,2014

This paper analyses the characteristics of American Muckraking Movement from report purpose, material selection and report style. The article shows that American Muckraking Movement's characteristics makes the Muckraking Movement produce extensive and far-reaching effect in American society and American journalism .

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The Giving Play the Opinion Leaders Function Who Professional Communication Worker

By Luo ZhengLin│Jun,14,2014

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