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ADMISSIONS & AID - Costs & Finacial Aid


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Many of our current and previous students have used financial aid to cover a portion or all of their education expenses.


Everyone's financial aid package is unique to them. The type of package that will work best for you will be determined by the important decisions you make during this process, as well as your specific needs. We work to ensure that you have all the information you need to make financial aid decisions that will allow you the opportunity to attend ZUMC. We want to help you be successful in following your dreams, and we will assist you in making decisions that will contribute to your long-term financial success. 


Costs & Financial Aid (fees and charges for 2020 please go to our CONTACT page)

CUZ offers one of the best values in Chinese higher education. We help outstanding international students to receive high quality education at a lower cost than similar schools in China. We offer even financial aid.

  • Application Fee: RMB 300 Yuan or USD46.
  • Books and Learning Materials: Actual price accordingly.
  • Tuition Fees
    1. Chinese Language Program:
    RMB 10,000 Yuan or 1429 USD/year.
    2. Bachelor's Degree Program:
    RMB 12,000 Yuan or 1714 USD/year
    3. Accommodation:
    Twin Room:
    RMB 2,400 Yuan or 343 USD/year/person (2 students shared).
    Single Room:
    RMB 4,800 Yuan or 686 USD/year/person.
    4. Students to pay the water, electricity and internet bills .
    (beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, bookshelves, TV, air conditioner, shower, Microwave and washing machine are available on demand)
    5. Insurance: RMB 350 Yuan or 50 USDfor half a year or RMB 500 Yuan or 71 USD for a year.
    (required for each registered overseas student)


CUZ offers a range of scholarships to honor outstanding international students studying in universities in Zhejiang Province.

Refer to Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship, our university will award CUZ Scholarship to the top international students in different types.

Currently, the only available type of scholarship is the Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship.

RMB6000 (approx.USD960)/academic year. The eligibility of student for this scholarship will be reevaluated each year.

Who can apply?


Basic Requirements for Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship: International Chinese Language Students. Other Requirements:

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with foreign passports, friendly to China, and in good health, age 30 and below.

2. Current students are required to do well in school. There are no any in-school violation of school disciplines and regulations, such as coming to work late and leaving early, absenteeism, etc. There are no any outside-school violation of Chinese laws and regulations. Applicants have to top his grade or class.

3. Applicants have to acquire corresponding Chinese language level, and submit related documents such as HSK certificate, other certificates for Chinese language learning and test etc.

4. Applicants haven’t been recipient of any other scholarships.

How To Apply

  • Call our International Office to find out the availability of the programmes and the related scholarships
  • Go to the DOWNLOADS page to download the required Forms.

Contact Info

We are located in a safe region of China with a very affordable cost of living, and so we can provide high quality education at a lower cost than similar schools in more expensive locations. 


Office Location: 


Person to cantact: Jin Jing

4th Floor, International Education Office

No 2 Experimental Building

998 Xueyuan Street, Xiasha, Hangzhou, PRC

Telephone: 86 571 8687 6734






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