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Opening Speech on the 8th China Media Annual Conference

By Li Dongdong│Sep,1,2014

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The Affect of International Three Defenses on China News Infringing Litigation

By Pan Xianghui & Bai Mingqin│Sep,1,2014

Defense is the facts and reasons that the defendant exempt from liability, or reduce the liability in civil litigations. In the news infringement lawsuit, truth defense principle, fair comment principle and the concession Spread is the most main ground for protest. These three defenses based on the news essential characteristics have become an international consensus. Although, the three international defenses are utilized and reflect in the judicial interpretation and judicial practice of China, but it is far from institutionalized. News media isn’t authorized to the effective protections of the law. Legal regulations and applications on news infringement defense are also lack of clear standards, which requires us to perfect the relevant laws and regulations. International three defenses of news tort not only provides a reference to our legislative and judicial, also provide the mirror of truth for the media workers.

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Issues and Strategies on Some Cadres’ inappropriate response to the Media Supervision

By Wang Yong & Ruan Yongjun│Sep,1,2014

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On the Contemporary Chinese City Image of Media Construction and Communication

By Zeng Yiguo, Gu Peng & Tao Fuwen│Sep,1,2014

This is worthy of attention on how mass media are involved in the construction of China's city image and influence people's cognition of city. The following dialogues explore the relationship between mass media and city image from the perspectives of different media, the identity politics of city, relations between cities under global context, relations between city and rural area, and city image in the new media environment.

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Interpretation of Media Construction of City Image from the Perspective of Mass Communication

By Li Peiju│Sep,1,2014

City image, as the card of the city development, assuming the function of transmitting the city spirit and character, exerts an unnegligible influence on city development; the public’s understanding and acceptance of city image is achieved mainly by media. Therefore, it becomes an research topic of both great theoretical and practical significance to study what should media do to build city image on the one hand, and what should city do to make use of media to form and transmit its own brand. This paper tries to observe the process of how media construct city image, to analyze its perspective, way and carrier, and to find out problems involved in the constructing process, then to offer some suggestions for the city to build and transmit its own image.

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Street Culture, Reminiscence and Revelry:The Combination Ways and Types of Expression of City Image in Contemporary Chinese Teleplays

By Zhang Menghan│Sep,1,2014

As a combination of city form and implication, the city image was endowed with different connotations. The expression of the history, society and humanity increased the complexity and uncertainty of it. This study started from clear-cut four kinds of combination ways of city image in the contemporary drama. And then, attempted to discuss from the expression of folk spirit, city scene in a nostalgic vision, symbols represent in urban consumption space, diversification of the theme image in new immigrant drama. This paper aimed to reveal the combination ways and type of expression of city image in the contemporary drama.

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