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Thursday, Jan 4, 2018


CRI’s Former Director Lee Dan bestowed as the Honorary President of SCC

CUZ is joined by CRI's former controller - the founder of CCTV English News Channel


By Xinran Xu │ Edited by Emma Jin

English translation provided by BC-English Editorial Group

Lee Dan, the former director of CRI (China Radio International) and the founding organiser of former CCTV 9 (English News) was bestowed as the Honorary President of SCC (School of Cultures & Communications), CUZ. On the afternoon of December 12 2017, presided by Vice President Yang Rongyao, the appointment ceremony for the Honorary President of SCC was held at the Lecture Hall in CUZ Administration Building. This was a special moment for Lee and SCC. CUZ Party Secretary Yang Liping, Vice president Yao Zheng and Yang Rongyao, as well as all the teachers and students of SCC attended the ceremony to welcome Lee Dan’s joining. In the ceremony, Yao Zheng solemnly read out the appointment document, after that Yang Liping bestowed the letter of appointment for Lee Dan.

Lee is outstanding both in studies and in work. Lee has experience of studying abroad. He studied journalism in some world-class universities such as Stanford University and Columbia. Besides the position of the Vice Head of CCTV and the Director of CRI, Lee aslo holds various positions, playing a longtime leadership part in national mainstream news media. During these years, Lee has taken part in the media and culture undertakings and has witnessed their remarkable and magnificent reform process in China. Lee’s rich experiences and knowledge are a priceless treasure to the media academia and industry, bringing great influence in the development of the media undertakings in our country. As for SCC, with great capacity, Lee will take some new ideas to help improve SCC.

CUZ Party Secretary Yang Liping says in her remarks that CUZ is a professional art college growing up under the care of spring breeze of reform and opening up in our country. It has firmly shouldered and will keep shouldering the sacred mission, the mission that asks them to play a role of the mouthpiece of the Party. As an important school of CUZ that is committed to cultivating bilingual talents with the ability of international cultural communication, SCC has strong overall capability of education that attracts high-quality source of students and was repeatedly granted provincial-level awards such as the Award of Humanities and Social Sciences from the Ministry of Education. SCC has a great diversity in the selection of recruited students coming from different places in China as well as foreign students coming from different countries, many of whom are standout that the postgraduate entrance rates in SCC consistently owns the top rank in CUZ. It’s strongly believed that Lee, a leader in the media industry being employed as the Honorary President of SCC, whose coming will definitely attract more attention from the country and the world, develop a wider global outlook and make CUZ go further in the international pattern, helping not just SCC but also CUZ to get more strength in their running and further development. SCC is delighted and proud to employ Lee as a member of this big family.

After the appointment ceremony, Lee gave a lecture titled My Career Man Path, My Media Worker Road. In his lecture, Lee gave a summary of his career and shared his media professional life and experience in broadcast TV industry in the past fifty years. He also emphasized the great importance of interest which is the strength and motivation in our careers. It’s the interest that drives people to withstand the test of difficulties and setbacks and keep focus clear on destinations, so that people can realize the greatest value of life, creating a delighted and enjoyable life. As for our majors, not only should we keep passionate, but also keep responsible. Only when we take our professional responsibility can we maximize our interest, to make interest works in our careers. At the end of his lecture, Lee also expressed his expectation that SCC will have better improvement in the future after his addition. At the same time, he said that he has high hopes for the students in SCC, encouraging them to strive for the aim of being an excellent media worker in the future.

Lee Dan’s lecture is so thought-provoking that it ignites people absent to think. A few students were inspired to ask him questions. Students asked about Lee’s opinion on the education of Bilingual Broadcasting and some other confusion. Lee carried out in-depth conversations with students, answering students’ concerned questions on professional learning and future development. In his answer, Lee stated his views and gave some pieces of advice. Both students and teachers benefit greatly by his words. In the end, the applause spilt out, bringing the ceremony and the lecture to a successful end.


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